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Perfect disorder

In my home city there is nowhere to hide from the visual advertising. And everything has repeated itself so many times that the eye does not even register anything anymore. We follow the same passes of the labyrinth. We feel confident only on a fraction of the way. We do not notice anything that is new out there. It is strange, because advertising and imagery are created to surprise and to interest us, but they mostly repulse us. May be, it is because of this, that when we arrive into the unfamiliar city, normally abroad, we are mostly drawn to an advertisement or a shopwindow, although the substance is the same, only the standard has changed. In our consciousness it is "outside the box" or "there is much to learn", but essentially "same old story".

   This is how my "Perfect disorder" series began. When I arrived in Prague, I was taking pictures of the advertisements ripped away from the boards. Some person, or may be many of them, could animate with his emotion a composition from separate advertisements, and I became interested in this collage. Its separate parts were balanced by incident and the rip off was emotional and resembled an intuitive desire to get away. It was a fruitless labour, destruction without intent. It resembled an arrangement of a common still life and I wanted to capture the beauty of this organized disorder. This mess had something familiar about it, like a handwriting of a person who "tidied it up", their footprint in time. Later, when I switched to posters, I understood, that I was doing the same thing - I was interested in the incidental composition from the contextually different objects. I wanted to unite them by one material and make different roles play one screenplay.

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