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Household Surrealism

Series “Household Surrealism”, 2008–2017 

A graphic artist by education, Zavalnyi works with printing techniques, such as etching, linocut, lithography, monotype and others. The artist creates new works for the long-term series “Household Surrealism” periodically and without a plan, and borrows scenarios from observations of his daily surroundings. His engravings are very detailed, almost photorealistic. But the long and difficult technical process that goes into making each print distances the artist from the initial impression of what was seen, and makes the final image tangibly detached from “the original.” The atmosphere created by the artist using graphical tools, in particular very dense strokes, is closest to the cinematic notion of “suspense”—the tense anticipation of something that can restore life to these suspiciously deserted and uncomfortable places


Art curator : Lizaveta German

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