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For me the city is the great live mechanism, that creates the honeycombs of human relations. The rhythm in which the information is disseminated nowadays, the way its means are evolving surprisingly fast and there is nowhere to hide from it. And as much as any information or thing had become accessible to everyone, each one of us has also become accessible.
However, to understand the state of the place and time it is necessary to feel its rhythm and feel the energy, that moves its people. For me is important to work instantly at the place, because the ideas get outdated whilst being incorporated and only through this process the next step can be seen. Being a graphic artist I work with the etching technique and now trying myself in lithography and analogue photography. I've always been drawn to the surprise of the first imprint. The expectation that many times does not match the reality. In a way it is a reflection of what I draw - not only mirrored, but also detached, like a view from the outside. Like an evaluation or a result of what I do or try to get across.

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